How to Check Aadhaar Link Status

 How to Check  Aadhaar Link Status


     Aadhaar Number is link your PAN is mandatory for every Tax payer, who has been allotted a PAN as on 1st July 2017 ,As per circular of CBDT F.No    370142/14/22-TPL dated on 30th March 2022, on or before 31th March 2022.


Taxpayers who failed link Adhaar with PAN before due date, are pay fee of Rs. 500 till 30 th June,2022 and thereafter a fee of Rs.1000 will be applicable before submission of PAN –ADHAAR linkage request.

Who are Exempted from PAN-ADHAAR Linking 

1) NRS’s

2) Not a Citizen of India

3) who’s age above 80 years as on date

4) State of residence of ASSAM, MEGHALAYA , JAMMU & KASHMIR.

Steps to Check Link Aadhaar Status

Step:-1  Click above link
Step:-2 Enter Your PAN and Aadhar Number and click on view Link Aadhar Status

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